This section is intended to give an idea of where many of the streets are located, what is to be found in those streets and perhaps an idea of the terrain through the inclusion of videos taken of a walk up or down each of the streets

  • Balcon de Europa

    Balcon de Europa, Nerja
    The Balcon de Europa, a rocky promontory, is the focal point of the town and generally regarded as the centre of Nerja for most purposes.

  • Calle Alfonso XII

    Calle Alfonso XII is a short street connecting calle Pintada with the (parallel) calle Bronce.
    Of interest:
    Mini-Market, Evangelical Centre.

  • Calle Almeria

    Calle Almeria connects avenida Castilla Perez with calle Antonio Ferrandis ‘Chanquete’, intersecting calle Chaparil along the way.
    Of interest:
    Ferreteria Bricojardin (large hardware store, garden items), Esencial, (hairdresser).

  • Calle Almirante Carranza

    Calle Almirante Carranza connects avenida Castilla Perez with calle Antonio Ferrandis ‘Chanquete’, intersecting calle Chaparil along the way.
    Of interest:
    Cañamiel Supermarket (on the corner with avda Castilla Perez), CAS Charity Shop, Torre de las Guardas (tapas bar at junction with calle Chaparil), Dinopark (creche, play park), Niza Cars.

  • Calle Almuñecar

    Calle Almuñecar is a very short street, just 50 metres in length, stretching from the Parador roundabout fountain to the Parador Hotel.
    Calle Almunecar, nerja
    Across the road is a tennis club.

  • Calle America

    Calle America is a very short street linking calle Bronce with calle San Miguel, joining the latter right outside the Mercadona supermarket.

  • Calle Angustias

    Calle Angustias runs from calle San Miguel, level with Plaza de la Ermita and the taxi rank, down to calle Pintada, one of the main shopping streets in Nerja. It is a long, sloping incline and not a particularly steep climb if you are walking the opposite way, i.e. up from calle Pintada.
    Of interest:

  • Calle Animas

    Calle Animas is a short, very narrow street linking calle La Cruz with calle Granada. Originally renovated a few years ago to be a pedestrian only street, it then became the exit road for the underground Municipal Car Park.
    Of interest:
    Hairdresser, Som Cerezo (cameras and other small items), strong>Bank.

  • Calle Antonio Millón

    Calle Antonio Millón, Nerja
    Calle Antonio Millón, newly renovated and pedestrianised in 2011, is just off Plaza Tutti Frutti and forms part of the main ‘nightlife’ centre in Nerja.
    On calle Antonio Millón itself you will find bars and cafes, such as Bajamar, Leyland, Obelix, Pancho and the excellent tapas bar La Bodeguilla, as well as Jimmy’s Disco, a wellness centre and a couple of kebab joints.

  • Prolongación Antonio Millón

    Prolongación Antonio Millón is the name normally used for the second half of Calle Antonio Millón after it crosses calle Chaparil.
    Of interest:
    Rafter’s Rastro, (secondhand furniture etc), Pepe Moles (excellent tapas bar and restayrant), Taller de la Tapas (very good tapas bar), Aloha (cafeteria and tapas bar), Coviran (supermarket), Bazar Beijing, Computer Shop, Sintesis (DVD rentals), Unicaja Bank.

  • Calle Arropieros

    Calle Arropieros lies between calle Pintada and calle Almirante Ferrandiz (calle Cristo/Post Office street), a distance of 75 metres.
    There is a cyber cafe and a tattoo parlour and the street is home to the original Irish bar in Nerja, Durty Nelly’s, although now closed.

  • Calle Carabeo

    Calle Carabeo, or Calle Hernándo de Carabeo to give it its full title, begins from calle Puerta del Mar in the very centre of town and runs parallel to the sea for about 500 metres.
    Of interest: Allsorts (sweets, newspapers etc), Azabache (clothes, artisan gifts), Los Barriles (great tapas bar), Antica Roma (Italian restaurant with nice patio), Hotel Casa Jardin, Little Italy restaurant, Irish Harp Bar (good drop of the old black stuff), Taste of India (Indian restaurant), Hotel and Restaurant Carabeo 34, Hostal 3 Soles, Benitez (restaurant with terrace and sea view), Mini-Market Mena (they sell Frigiliana wine), steps down to Carabeo beach (quite steep), Apartamentos Burriana (very nice rental apartments, enclosed, small swimming pool), Cafe Bakus (large terrace), Edificio Rocamar (holiday rental apartments, swimming pool, enclosed)

  • Calle Cervantes

    Calle Cervantes is a short street between calle Pintada and calle Bronce.
    Of interest:
    Miguel’s (Men’s hairdresser)


  • Calle Cristo

    Calle Cristo – calle Almirante Ferrandiz – Post Office street runs uphill from calle Puerta del Mar to avenida de Pescia (near the petrol station and Local Police station), a distance of around 850 metres.
    Of particular interest:
    Post Office (Correos), WH Smiffs, lottery office, Municipal Exhibition Hall (No 14), La Sardina Alegra, La Taberna, Meson de Julio, Los Mariscos, Coach and Horses, Pepe Rico, El Pulguilla, Scarletta’s, Haveli, Casa Bueno, Pinocchio, Esquina Paulina, Centro Idiomas de Nerja, Martín Ferreteria (hardware).

  • Calle Diputación

    Calle Diputación runs from avenida Castilla Perez to Plaza Cavana. During the summer months, from June 15th to the middle of October, traffic is prohibited from 18:00 to 03:00 each day to allow restaurants in the street to put out street terraces.
    Of interest:
    Senior Centre (has a good cafeteria, open to everyone, and serves a good value Menu del Dia)
    Giner de Los Rios Centre
    BBVA bank, Malibu Cocktail Lounge, Vodafone shop, El Refugio restaurant, JJ Pizzeria, Mesón de Antonio restaurant (great steaks and fish), Dragon Inn Chinese restaurant, Dry Cleaning Service, Ortiz Cafeteria, Hostal Don Peque, Apartamentos Jimmy, Da Cotta Law, Sports Shop (also sells fishing tackle and bait and arranges licences).

  • Calle Dr Fleming

    Calle Dr Fleming is a short, 50 metre long, pedestrianised street joining calle Málaga with avenida Castilla Perez.
    Of interest:
    Stephan’s Restaurant (German restaurant, large terrace, very popular)
    The Frock Exchange (secondhand clothing).

  • Calle Filipinas

    Calle Filipinas, known locally as Cardiac Hill, is a long, steep road down to Burriana beach from the Burriana roundabout on avenida de Pescia. The incline is signed as 14%. It is the main road access to Burriana beach and there is no bus service. Walking down is easy, walking back up at the end of the day is another matter altogether.
    Of interest:
    Maria Bonita (restaurant, large terrace, very popular. Near the bottom of the hill),
    Cosmopolitan (cafe/bar). El Fuego (bar/restaurant), H2O (cocktail lounge).

  • Calle Fray Junipero Serra

    Calle Fray Junipero Serra runs from avenida Castilla Perez (about two-thirds of the way down, turn right by Bar El Bosque) to calle Antonio Millón, a distance of approximately 110 metres.
    Of interest:
    Superbazar Euro-Asia (everything from clothes to DIY to strange flashing ornaments to kitchen implements)
    Maxwell’s (cafe/bar/carvery, Sunday roasts, pool table, terrace)
    Fin de Siglo (tapas bar, meals, terrace)
    and in Plaza Garcia Caparros there is La Tahona Holandesa (restaurant and tapas bar). On the corner with calle Antonio Millón, Vinoleto (another good wine and tapas bar, small street terrace).

  • Calle Frigiliana

    Calle Frigiliana stretches from the end of calle Hernando de Carabeo to the junction of calle San Juan and calle Torrox, intersecting calle Los Huertos en route. From bottom to top is 200 metres.
    Of interest: Cibeles (good food, terrace, economic), Edificio Carabeo I (large apartment block with many holiday rentals available), Urbanisation El Chorrillo, Plaza del Olvido, Bar Joanny and Cafeteria Plaza del Olvido (large terraces, safe area for kids) and on the corner with calle Los Huertos, Edificio Coronado (large apartment block, holiday rentals available, pool, great views)

  • Calle Gloria

    Calle Gloria is a small street between calle Pintada and calle Almirante Ferrandiz (calle Cristo/Post Office street).
    Of interest: El Burro Blanco (nightly Flamenco shows), Nerja Flor (florist linked to Interflora), Paco Mari (excellent restaurant, garden terrace), Ultramarinos Belen (small supermarket), El Patio (bar), Poseidon (Greek restaurant, small terrace), Round Bar (very good tapas), Sevillano (excellent restaurant) and Sevillano Bistro (restaurant).

  • Calle Granada

    Calle Granada stretches from Plaza Cavana up to calle San Miguel, a total length of 335 metres and all uphill.
    Of interest: Libreria Europa (books, newspapers in several languages, magazines), Caja Rural bank (with ATM), El Colono (one of the oldest restaurants, authentic and very popular weekly Flamenco Show), Teteria Zaidin (tea shop, free WiFi), Hotel Plaza Cavana, Agape (restaurant and tapas bar), Roman Segaly (popular men’s hairdresser), Nerja Book Centre (over 20,000 second-hand books in umpteen languages), Nerja Cultural Centre, Miguel Garcia (office furniture and equipment), Iranzo (medium-sized supermarket, also sells Competa and Frigiliana wines), Bruno (men’s hairdresser), Cordoba (fashion clothing) and Llave de Oro (locksmith, key cutting and related).

  • Calle Herrera Oría

    Calle Herrera Oría (named after Angel Herrera Oría) runs from calle Cristo (aka calle Almirante Ferrandis or Post Office street) down to the bottom of calle Ruperto Anduez, a distance of about 180 metres.
    Of interest: Flower Shop (on a level with Plaza Cantarero – aka Orange Square), Los Cuñaos (also known as the ‘Through Bar’ for obvious reasons, an excellent tapas bar with a small street terrace) and La Tabena de Pepe (arguably the best gambas pil-pil in town).

  • Calle Jaén

    Calle Jaén runs between avenida Castilla Perez and calle Antonio Ferrandis ‘Chanquete’, intersecting calle Chaparil en route, and is roughly 190 metres in length.
    Of interest:
    On the corner with avenida Castilla Perez is Gutierrez (good frozen fish shop. Then we have The Chapel (small tapas bar), Jaime (excellent tapas bar, terrace), Bar Alameda (tapas bar), Monroes II hairdresser, a Coviran supermarket, Banco de Santander and MRW.

  • Calle Los Huertos

    Calle Los Huertos runs from calle Cristo to the Parador roundabout, a distance of roughly 350 metres and all basically on the flat.
    Of interest: Bar Uno, Encarnita (medium-sized supermarket), Azabache (hairdresser), Pepe Mesa (apartments), Los Trillizos (bar and restaurant), Cafe Centurion II (terrace front and back, good food, free WiFi), Internet Cafe Los Huertos, Murphy’s Bar (Irish), Hotel Nerja Princess, Jaipur (Indian restaurant), Saborito y de Haro (plumbers), La Joya (cafe/restaurant,free WiFi), Hostal Andalucía, Belleza Vera (beauty salon), AS Peluqueria (hairdresser), TeleVideo (cable and satellite installations), China House (restaurant, take away, home delivery), Sabores (cakes and pastries), Bollywood Bombay (Indian restaurant), Sloane’s Restaurant, Lessaggro (car hire), Casasol (estate agent), Aynat and Aynat (lawyers) and Coviran (medium-sized supermarket).

  • Calle Málaga

    Calle Málaga runs from calle El Barrio down to Plaza Fabrica de los Cangrejos, a distance of 275 metres. It is downhill to the beach but not a steep gradient.
    Of interest: Lan Sang (Thai and Laotian food), Au Petit Paris (French cuisine), +39 Bistro (Italian)Acapulco Playa apartments (pool, gardens, good views), Anglican Church Shop (charity shop), Rosi’s Bar, Edificios Caribe, Levante, Almeria, and Málaga, Elfos (clothes), Linda’s Bar, Edificio Las Palmeras (I and II, nice gardens, enclosed, pool), José y Victoria (nice restaurant, terrace), Malibu Cocktail Bar, Jangles (clothes, beachwear). Playasol (clothes, beachwear), Aguas de Narixa (local water company), Vicente (good tapas bar, terrace), a carpenter (works from his garage, also sells organic fruit and veg), Viajes Playamaro (travel agent, excursions, taxi bookings, currency exchange), Edificio Sur, Edificio Sirena, Edwards Estates, EuropaWeb (Internet cafe, WiFi, terrace) and on the corner with avenida Castilla Perez is a good souvenir/beachwear shop.

  • Calle Manuel Marín

    Calle Manuel Marín is a short, 315 metre long no through road off avenida Castilla Perez. It does, however, connect avenida Castilla Perez with calle Granada by means of a passageway (Pasaje Granada) and a small alleyway, a good pedestrian shortcut between the two parallel streets.
    Of interest:
    Bubbles laundry service
    Elena Ruiz hairdresser

  • Calle Mérida

    Calle Mérida runs from avenida Mediterraneo, at the side of the Hotel RIU Monica, parallel to Torrecilla beach before joining calle Antonio Ferrandis ‘Chanquete’.
    Of interest:
    Boathouse (British bar)
    Made in Itali (Italian restaurant)
    Cafeteria Aquamarina
    Edificios Arce 1 and 2
    Hotel Perla Marina

  • Calle Molino

    Calle Molino is a short street between calle Pintada and calle Bronce.

  • Calle Nueva

    Calle Nueva is a short street between calle Pintada and calle Bronce.
    Of interest:
    La Posada Iberica

  • Calle Parras

    Calle Parras connects calle Cristo (otherwise known as Post Office street and calle Almirante Ferrandis) with calle Frigiliana and is roughly 210 metres in length.
    Although basically a residential street with just one commercial enterprise, Espeja (beauty salon), it is worthy of a mention in relation to the Dia de la Cruz (Day of the Cross), a fiesta which takes place on May 3rd each year.

  • Calle Pintada

    Calle Pintada, the premier shopping street in Nerja, stretches from calle Puerta del Mar near the Balcón de Europa to Plaza Cantarero (known locally as Orange Square) a distance of 732 metres. It is a steady uphill journey to Plaza Cantarero.
    Jewellery, clothes, souvenirs, kitchens, accessories, hairdressers, health, computers and more, you will find just about every type of shop in calle Pintada.
    In addition to shops, you will also find hostels such as Nerjasol, Regina and Dianes and a number of good restaurants, cafes and tapas bars, such as Oliva,, La Piqueta, Sollun and Sal y Mar to name but a few.

  • Calle Puerta del Mar

    Calle Puerta del Mar, Nerja
    Calle Puerta del Mar is a short street, starting at the Balcón de Europa and finishing at the junctions of calles Pintada, Almirante Ferrandiz (calle Cristo/Post Office street) and calle Carabeo.
    There are souvenir shops, clothes shops, a couple of ice cream parlours plus Portofino (pizza cafe), Anahi (cafe/restaurant, nice cakes, terrace with sea view), Carabella (terrace, sea view) and restaurant Puerta del Mar (terrace, view over Calahonda beach).

  • Calle San José

    Calle San José is a small street joining calle Pintada with calle Cristo (Post Office street) and its main claim to fame is that it is the location of the late night flamenco bar El Molino.

  • Camino de Burriana

    The Camino de Burriana is the road along the front at Burriana beach and contains numerous bars, restaurants, souvenir and beachwear shops, a supermarket (open on Sundays) and a dive centre.
    Of interest includes:
    Dunga (beachwear), Whim (supermarket), TropySol (Cafeteria), Dancer’s Bar, Paradise Cocktail Bar, Buceo Costa Nerja (dive centre), La Traiña (tapas bar), JJ’s Cafe del Mar, Baker’s Bar, Rocky II (Pizzeria), Wai Wai Wok (oriental restaurant), Restaurante Chino, Mistica (cocktail Lounge), OLAS (bar and cafe), Eclipse (bar and cafe), La Galeria (restaurant), Nerjamar (estate agent), El Rey de la Tapa.

  • Paseo de Burriana

    The Paseo de Burriana runs parallel to the Camino de Burriana and contains the main entrances to many of the seafront apartments, such as Sitio de Burriana, Apartamentos Burriana, Apartamentos Bahia etc.

  • Paseo Marítimo Antonio Mercero

    The Paseo Marítimo Antonio Mercero is the promenade at Burriana beach, named after the director of the famous ‘Verano Azul’ TV series. There are numerous ‘merenderos’ serving a variety of food including paellas cooked on open fires, espeto de sardinas (sardines on a stick) and other delicacies.
    Of interest:
    Merendero MonteMar, Merendero PlayaSol, Merendero La Barca, Merendero José Cruz, Merendero Ayo, Rincón del Sol.

  • Plaza de las Monjas

    Next to the Nerja Cultural Centre in calle Granada is a small alleyway which leads to Plaza de las Monjas and connects with avenida Castilla Perez, a useful little shortcut.
    Of interest:
    San Miguel (nice cafe and tapas bar with a large terrace), Colegio San Miguel.

  • Burriana to the Parador

    This is the steep, but shorter walking route back from Burriana beach to the Parador Hotel, from where it is the basically flat or slightly downhill to the Balcón de Europa. This avoids having to go up calle Filipinas (known locally as Cardiac Hill) followed by a fair walk to the centre of town.

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