Tapas at Bar Alameda

The Bar Alameda is back in calle Jaén after a brief incarnation as the Sidreria. One thing about the Alameda, apart from the odd lick of paint or bit of new furniture, no-one ever has that strange compulsion to gut the place before re-opening. Some places seem to get gutted even if it is only a couple of months since …

Farewell Sidreria

It comes as no surprise that the Sidreria in calle Jaén, Nerja, didn’t last very long. Very nice cider, but at five euros a bottle…The bar is returning to its earlier incarnation as the Alameda and the official re-opening is on November 4th with free tapas on offer.

Tapas at Alameda

It has been a while since I was last in Alameda so where better for a lunchtime tapa. The bar has changed a bit, new owners at the end of 2010 apart from anything else, but it is still a good haunt.

Two injured in domestic dispute

A man and a woman in Alameda both suffered knife wounds after their late night argument got slightly out of hand.