Prison for man suspected of two murders in Almonaster

A judge has decreed prison without bail for Genaro Ramallo, a man who fled to France after two bodies were found buried on a plot of land he owned in Almonaster la Real, Huelva. The bodies had been buried for 18 years.

Police in France detain suspected killer

Police in France have reportedly detained a man in connection with the recent discovery of two decapitated bodies hidden in a well in Almonaster la Real, Huelva, for the past eighteen years.

Bodies discovered in Almonaster La Real, Huelva

The mayor of Almonaster La Real (Huelva), Manuel Ángel Barroso, has totally discounted the possibility that the bodies of a woman and a child discovered in the municipality after being buried for the past 18 years could have been residents of the town or even the district.