Go crazy with accommodation

Staying in a hotel in the USA doesn’t have to be all that traditional, so if you want something a bit different: 10 Craziest Hotels in America

Cash cows galore

A total of 373 cash cows in one city, quite some achievement. America’s Worst Speed Traps

In response to AIG bonuses

Interesting idea from Republican Senator Charles Grassley who said AIG bosses should follow the Japanese code of honour by either resigning or committing hara kiri.

Mr Bean goes to Washington

American pundits in Washington are saying that President Barack Obama is looking ‘drawn’, ‘tired’ and has been ‘overwhelmed’ by his first 100 days in office, and this is being touted as one of the reasons for the apparent ‘off-hand’ reception given recently to Mr Bean. Some are already starting to joke about an increase in presidential grey hairs since he …