Malaga’s “Banksy” is replicating Masterpieces on the streets of Europe


Malaga artist, 23-year-old Julio Anaya Cabanding has captured the public’s attention with his street art that depicts stunning replicas of some of the world’s most iconic paintings. After sourcing derelict building or neglected spaces the former Malaga University of Fine Arts pupil replicates paintings by Rembrandt, Vermeer and Lucian Freud complete with their trompe l’oeil gilded frames. While speaking about …

The Quero-Moyano collection comes to Nerja

The Quero-Moyano art collection is coming to the Municipal Exhibition Hall in calle Cristo, featuring works by Miró, Max Ernst, Chagall, Picasso, Penck, Sandra Kaupke, Arthur Grunemberg, Celestino Piatti, Klaus Philip, Dalí and Tapies.

Exhibition by Axarteismo 7

There is an exhibition of paintings by the association Axarteismo 7 at the Sala Mercado in Plaza de la Ermita, Nerja, from now until November 4th 2015.

Exhibitions by Margaret Riordan

Local artist Margaret Riordan has two exhibitions of her work, these continuing to March 2015. One is at Bar Choto Playa, Peñoncillo beach, Torrox Costa, and another is at Restaurante Sevillano El Rincón in calle Gloria, Nerja.

Art attack…

There is an art exhibition on at the Municipal Exhibition Hall in calle Cristo featuring the work of Carmen Abreu, Isabel Hueso and Pepi Barriola. Well worth a look.

More tests to be carried out at the Nerja Caves

Scientists and historians have spent decades debating whether Neanderthals were capable of producing art, notably cave paintings, with the scientific community arguing that such  ability was exclusively the domain of modern man.

Fish and art. Or art and fish.

Well, this is a novel art form involving fish and staining. It is the work of Japanese artist Iori Tomita. New World Transparent Specimens

Bend it

Amazing what you can do with a few household items, a bit of bendy wire and a fertile imagination. Some of these are excellent. Still Life: Bent Objects

Santiago Fernández Aragüez exhibition in Nerja

The renowned artist Santiago Fernández Aragüez has recently donated one of his paintings, ‘Nerja, un sueño posible’, to the town of Nerja and, to commemorate this event, there is an exhibition of his works in the Municipal Exhibition Hall in calle Cristo. The exhibition is entitled ‘Paisajes y figuraciones’ (Landscapes and Figures) and contains a total of 25 works. It runs …