Fugitive arrested in Málaga

National Police in Málaga have arrested a 40 year-old Camaroon national wanted by the Belgian police to serve a prison sentence for cocaine trafficking.

ETA member arrested in Belgium

The Belgian authorities, collaborating with the Spanish police, have arrested ETA member Ventura Tomé Queiruga who is wanted for the fulfillment of two sentences relating to attacks carried out in the eighties.

A year to the day

Today, April 27th, marks exactly one year since Belgium had a full government and, while other EU countries have been suffering debt-related problems, Belgium has not. One can only have the utmost sympathy for the people of Belgium who have had to suffer a whole year without posturing, self-serving, party faithful, back-stabbing politicians making decisions that are likely to make …

It’s just not cricket

Is nothing sacred? New academic research is suggesting that the game of cricket, always thought to have originated in England, actually started in Belgium! From here it was introduced into England. The research has been carried out byPaul Campbell of the Australian National University and the new theory hinges on a newly discovered poem, dated 1533 and attributed to John …