White tiger on the move

Ankur, a young white tiger, a species that only exists in captivity, was born in Beauval Zoo in France and in 2010 moved to the Bioparc in Fuengirola to raise awareness of the extreme threat facing all tigers in the world, not only whites.

Expansion at Bioparc

Bioparc in Fuengirola has embarked on an expansion plan which will see the facility hosting new, and often endangered species. From the spring, the large and venomous Komodo dragons will be just one of the new species at the park.

Bioparc Fuengirola

Bioparc Fuengirola, formerly Fuengirola Zoo, is located in the centre of Fuengirola, about 500 metres from the railway station on Camilo José Cela. The parc is divided into distinct areas, these being Madagascar, Ecuatorial Africa and Southeast Asia, with each section containing a variety of flora and fauna. The parc is well laid out and, despite being relatively small in …