Ryanair strike to hit holidaymakers

Ryanair cabin crew have called a strike for the 24th and 25th of July in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Belgium. The strike coincided with school holidays and will affect thousands of travellers across Europe.   Cabin crew based in the above-mentioned countries want Ryanair to adhere to national labour laws of their home countries and not those of the Republic …

Ryanair cabin crew threaten Europe-wide strikes

All across Europe Ryanair cabin crew unions are threatening to call strikes during the peak holiday travel season this summer. Union leaders in Italy, Belgium, Portugal and Spain are demanding that the low-cost airline must stop using Irish labour laws for its staff and to adapt to the regulations of the countries where it’s cabin crew are based.   Ryanair …

Cabin crew plan more strike action

Unions representing Iberia cabin crew have decided on dates for further strike action in pursuit of their pay calim, although this could change if an agreement is reached in the meantime.

Second day of flight cancellations

Today was the second day of industrial action by Iberia cabin crew resulting in the cancellation of 210 flights. In Andalucia, Málaga and Sevilla airports were the worst affected with twelve cancellations of flights to and from Madrid.