Midday tapas at Candela

Candela is located in Plaza Cavana and has a nice terrace on the square. Good relaxing location, service is prompt, the beer is cold and the tapas are a very reasonable size. A bit pricey at €1.90 for a small beer but then again, it is in what you would classify as a prime ‘touristy’ location.

Tapas at Candela

Candela, formerly Cavana 5, is ideally located on Plaza Cavana in the centre of town. There is a small terrace in the square, a couple of barrels outside the door, a long, fairly narrow bar area and a lovely Andalucian patio at the back.

Candela in Plaza Cavana

The former Cavana 5 in Plaza Cavana, Nerja, a long and narrow bar with an Andalucian patio and small street terrace, is now called Candela.

Tapas at Candela

Candela is located next to the San Fernando vet on calle Chaparil, opposite the junction with Prolongación Antonio Millón. A fairly narrow bar area but a reasonable amount of space elsewhere including a terrace.


Candela is the latest occupant of the premises between the San Fernando vet and restaurant Jacky. Always a difficult location due to the nearby competition from the likes of Sevillano, La Bodeguilla and Los Pescaitos, all excellent tapas bars.