The empty cemetery

The town of Algatocín, population 900 people, has had a new, modern cemetery on the outskirts of town since 2009, built at a cost of over €1,000,000. However, it remains empty, despite the existing cemetery in the centre of town being full to capacity with no room for expansion.

Thieves cause damage to cemetery in La Algaba, Sevilla

Thieves in La Algaba, Sevilla, targeted the local cemetery, breaking around fifty tombstones and causing damage to a number of niches as they stole crucifixes, vases, plates and other items made from copper and bronze, presumably to resell as scrap metal.

Replacement of trees near the cemetery

Work has started to replace the five Cypress trees near the cemetery which had to be removed due to being dried out. An analysis of the soil suggests that a chemical was used to deliberately kill the trees and the Guardia Civil is now carrying out an investigation.

Council approves demolition of water deposits

The Council has approved the demolition of two water deposits near the cemetery which, it is said, will lead to improvements in the water supply and allow for the construction of a parking area.

Water tanks to be demolished

The Council is proposing to demolish two water deposit tanks up near the cemetery, a move which is designed to improve the general water infrastructure and also allow for more parking spaces in the area.

Desecration at a Huelva cemetery

Police in Lepe, Huelva, are investigating the desecration of three graves in the cemetery at Cartaya and believe that the act was more likely to have been a prank than some satanic practice.

Cable thefts in Coín leave cemetery in darkness

Much of Coín cemetery has been virtually in darkness since last Thursday after two thefts of electric cables, the first such robberies in the area and only a week after the authorities reported a 30% drop in the crime rate in the municipality.

Improvements to Fuengirola cemetery

Improvements to the San Cayetana cemetery in Fuengirola should now meet local needs for the next decade. The Town Hall has invested €590,000 in the building of eight blocks divided over two new courtyards and covering an area of 2,500 square metres. The cemetery now covers an area of 27,300 square metres and, in addition to the niches, osuaries, tombs …