Hi-tech cheats

It is not unusual for people to cheat during parts of the driving exams, particularly during the ‘free exams’ for applicants who have not studied in a driving school, and it is hardly surprising that the Guardia Civil monitor these sessions.

Dodgy foodstuffs confiscated in Málaga

Guardia Civil officers in Málaga have confiscated 700 kilos of frozen and precooked foodstuffs which lacked the necessary data relating to date of manufacture and expiry date and therefore did not maintain the required ‘cold chain’.

Amazing feat

What more can you say about this women, except she has adapted to circumstances.

Public Prosecutor requests four years jail term for assault

The Public Prosecutor in Granada is requesting a four year jail sentence for the co-owner of a supermarket in calle Elvira, Granada city. The incident dates back to April 3rd 2008, when the accused, a 40 year old Chinese national who was working at the cash desk that day, became involved in an argument with a customer. Seizing an iron …