A step towards heaven

A wider reach and this Chrome extension could be awesome. Fed up with seeing the numerous daily references to KP, Cheryl Cole or anyone named Kardashian every time they break wind? Silence of the Celebs puts any celebrity or political figure on a gag list that will remove posts featuring those names from the top news sites. It currently works …

Apps, extensions and links for Chrome

Google are forever tweaking existing products or bringing out new ones and, to their credit, are not afraid to admit it when they get it wrong, which means we will never see them entering the political arena.

Tabs for good causes

Last week, Google invited Chrome’s users worldwide to “donate” their opened tabs in Chrome to drive a charitable gift of one million dollars. An interesting idea which ended up with 60 million tabs going towards good causes. You can see which good causes benefited here: 60 million tabs towards good causes

Google amend Chrome EULA

Google has reworded the EULA (End User License Agreement) for its new Chrome browser, saying that the clause claiming rights to anything and everything published via the browser was an ‘oversight’.