Gang members to be deported

Thirty-four people, leaders of various Latin American gangs based in Madrid, are reportedly scheduled to be deported from Spain in the coming weeks as part of the regional government’s strategy for breaking up violent criminal networks, two of these to take place almost immediately.

Let ’em all stay

You couldn’t make it up. A judge in the UK shortened the sentence of Jamaican drug dealer Vincent Miller, who had previously been deported twice and stole identities to return and evade capture for ten years, to prevent him being deported (again) on the grounds that sending him home would be ‘devastating’ for his three children.

Swiss vote to deport convicted immigrants

The Swiss have voted in favour of a referendum proposal for the automatic expulsion of non-Swiss citizens for certain crimes, with 53% agreeing that those convicted of crimes ranging from benefit fraud to murder should be deported.

Pet defence

Thanks to Ron for spotting this one! A Bolivian man has avoided deportation from the UK after the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal ruled that because he and his girlfriend bought a cat as a family pet, sending him home would constitute a breach of his human rights by interfering with his family life.