You couldn’t make it up

You have to laugh, otherwise the alternative would be to register for anger management classes. A Job Centre in Thetford, UK, refused to display a request for a domestic cleaner which included: Must be fluent in written and spoken English for Health and Safety reasons….Previous experience preferred. Training will be provided. Must be reliable and hard working. So, what was so …

Denuncia for discrimination

The chiringuito ‘Garfield’ in Adra has been denounced for discrimination after a number of complaints from ethnic Roma (gypsy) that they were constantly refused entry. Those complaining say that any excuse is given by the management for refusing entry, such as inappropriate clothing, private party etc.

When will it stop?

A medal, The Trinity Cross of the Order of Trinity, established by the Queen is being withdrawn after it was declared unlawful and offensive to Muslims and Hindus.