Theft ends European Tour

Adventure cyclist Scot Scheffler, a 49-year-old Californian who began a solo trek in June which has seen him cover 5,000 kilometres through seven European countries, has had to abandon his venture after his bike was stolen in El Chorro, Málaga province.

Tragedy in El Chorro

A tragic climbing accident on Saturday at El Chorro, Álora, claimed the life of a 29 year old Málaga woman.

Climber rescued in El Chorro

Mountain Rescue, the Guardia Civil and Civil Protection from Álora were involved in rescuing a climber who got stuck about 120 metres up a sheer cliff wall on the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes in El Chorro.

Forest fire near Álora

A forest fire in El Chorro, near Álora, has necessitated the eviction of several people from their homes.

Body of missing climber is found

The body of a 22 year old Polish climber who went missing last Sunday in the El Chorro area of Álora has been found at the bottom of a ravine. The climber apparently fell from a height of around 100 metres, all signs being that it was an accident.

Search for missing man in Álora

Police officers, with helicopter support, have been searching for a man reported missing in the El Chorro area of Álora, Málaga province, on Sunday afternoon. So far, the search has been unsuccesful.