Walking trip to the Sierra Nevada

With the intense heat of summer fading it is time to start walking and the next trip being organised by Frigiliana Council is on September 27th 2014.

Fun and education for the kids

The Málaga Provincial Council, with the collaboration of Nerja Council, has organised a camp for children aged between 9 years and 12 years which will take place from September 27thj to 29th and will include a number of activities and cultural excursions.

Free cultural excursion

Fancy a bit of culture, learn more about the old sugar mills of Nerja? On November 8th there is a free cultural excursion, by bus, to the Sugar Mills of Nerja and Maro, 4 of them in total. Prior to the trip itself, there will be a lecture, in Spanish, explaining the history and importance of these sugar mills and …