MP’s expense claims published

More than a month after details of UK MP’s scandalous expense claims began to be made public, the House of Commons authorities have begun releasing a selection of claim forms, receipts and other documents. Good news? A step forward towards transparency?

Is there anyone not on the fiddle?

As more and more revelations about UK MP’s expense claims come to light, it is becoming rather apparent that the fiddling and ‘culture of abuse’ is both widespread and long standing. There is talk of trying to initiate a criminal investigation to find out who leaked the details of the MP’s expenses. Errr, shouldn’t that be a criminal investigation into …

A rotten state of affairs

According to some reports, three Labour backbench MP’s have been put on ‘suicide watch’ by Labour whips and four ministers have apparently hinted they might have to resign. What on earth could cause such a state of affairs?