New blooms on the Balcón de Europa

The flower beds on both sides of the central the paseo Balcón de Europa have been replanted with new blooms of varying colours. The palm trees have also recently been pruned and trimmed.

Balconies of Nerja

People all over the place love to adorn their balconies, not only with bicycles, washing, gas bottles and old shoes, but also with greenery. The results vary from the sublime, maybe one small pot, to something that rivals Conan Doyle’s ‘Lost World’ in its magnificence and out of which you half expect some long lost prehistoric gerbil to stick its …

Parque Verano Azul 25/5/10

The Gaudi bus, a travelling exhibition centre commemorating some of the work of the world famous architect, is down in Parque Verano Azul until Friday evening. Parque Verano Azul is also ver colourful at the moment, not only the big red bus but also the local blooms.