Google encrypts Gmail to stop mass surveillance

Today’s change means that no one can listen in on your messages as they go back and forth between you and Gmail’s servers—no matter if you’re using public WiFi or logging in from your computer, phone or tablet. Google blog

For those offline moments

As they say, it is inevitable that you will find yourself without an internet connection at some time but that doesn’t mean you have to forego looking at your Email, Calendar or Docs if you are a Gmail user. Using Gmail, Calendar and Docs without an Internet connection

Nifty little Gmail add-on

If you are a Gmail user and haven’t discovered it yet, here is a nifty little add-on which shows information about the person you are emailing or have received email from.

Gmail tips and tricks

There are almost endless add-ons for Firefox and Chrome for enhancing Gmail, but there are also these 10 Dead Simple Gmail Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts.