Tropical fruit production down by as much as 80%

The Spanish Association of Tropical Fruit Growers, which represents farmers in Málaga and Granada provinces, estimates that this year’s mango harvest could be as much as 80% down on last year and avocado production down by 60%.

Table olive harvest ends

The harvest of table olives this year in Málaga province, which ended a few days ago, has been estimated at 47 million kilos, 9 million kilos less than last year as a result of drought conditions. However, farmers are this time benefiting from higher prices.

Disappointing raisin crop in Málaga province

Disease and weather conditions have hit the raisin production in Málaga province, the harvest being 375,000 tons instead of the initial forecast of 500,000 tons and a far cry from five years ago when the yield was one million tons.

Grape harvest approaches

The grape harvest approaches in Ronda and anxious eyes are being kept on the weather situation over the next couple of weeks.

Chestnut harvest 36% down on last year

The extended summer and hot temperatures until the end of October have affected the chestnut harvest in the Serrania de Ronda, this year’s harvest being 35.9% less than in 2010.

Axarquia avocados

The avocado season has finished in the Axaerquia and the Asociación Agraria de Jóvenes Agricultores (Asaja) report  a harvest of 40,200 tons valued at €46 million. Around 10,000 tons are for the domestic market, the rest are destined for the main European markets of France, Britain and Germany.