Ten arrested for illegal arms sales

Police have seized hundreds of munitions from small hand guns to 300 kilo aerial bombs, arresting ten people allegedly engaged in buying and selling Spanish Civil War and World War Two artefacts.

Nerja forced to remove illegal CCTV cameras

The Spanish Agency for Data Protection has forced Nerja Council to disconnect CCTV security cameras installed outside the Local Police headquarters in avenida de Pescia following a denuncia made by the local branch of the Independent Local Police Union Andalucia (SIP-AN).

Illegal lottery stopped

National Police officers have closed down an illegal lottery called ORDA (Organización Regional de Discapacitados de Andalucía – Regional Organisation for the Disabled in Andalucia) which was operating in the provinces of Cádiz, Sevilla, Huelva and Málaga and could net around €6 million per year.