British expat arrested for alleged theft of iPad at Malaga airport

British expat arrested for alleged theft of iPad at Malaga airport

A British national living in Spain has been arrested after having allegedly stolen a British holidaymaker’s iPad at Malaga airport. The so far unnamed 45-year-old man grabbed the victims backpack at Malaga airport hoping to get away with the 700€ tablet. According to airport police, the victim of the alleged theft had just arrived in Spain from the UK and …

Man finds lost iPad

A passenger who lost his iPad on a flight to Los Angeles suddenly remembered that he had downloaded the ‘Find My iPad’ app only days before the flight and activated it to find his tablet. He located it… inside the home of a flight stewardess.

New iPad is hot stuff

There have been numerous comments and complaints that Apple’s new iPad gets hot after about thirty minutes use and the US watchdog Consumer Reports investigated claims that the new Apple iPad gets significantly hotter than previous models.

Skype for iPad

Skype has now released its official iPad app, offering iPad and iPad 2 users a way to chat by text, voice or video with their Skype pals. Using the app, iPad users can connect with their Skype contacts and use the iPad as a telephone, although it might look a bit silly held up to the ear. The interface is …

Paperless planes

The iPad has already has the go-ahead from the FAA as a replacement for paper flight charts and maps, and now Alaska Airlines has become the first major US airline to hop on board the paperless bandwagon. Alaska Airlines ditches paper flight manuals for iPads

Wonder what apps she will use

According to The Sun newspaper, so take it as you see fit, the Queen of England has requested an iPad after seeing Princes William and Harry use theirs and being very impressed. And why shouldn’t she?