Zebra keeps his stripes

A lucky escape for a zebra who manages to keep his stripes and his life after an encounter with a hungry lion. The Lion and the Zebra

Meanwhile, in Africa

More people are killed in Africa by Hippos than by any other animal, females being particularly aggressive if they perceive any type of threat to their calves. In this case, though, it was a crocodile who suffered the wrath of these huge beasts…..Crocodile and Hippos…. Still in Africa, a nice set of pictures from a safari park in Johannesburg showing …

No smiles

Apart from the rights and wrongs of such activities, have you ever seen a sadder looking lion than this one? He really doesn’t look like he is enjoying the experience in the slightest which could, if he’s not doped up to the eyeballs, lead to a potentially dangerous, if not fatal, scenario in the future.