Down to ‘luck’.

Interesting to read that ex UK Prime Minister Tony Blair put the ten years of economic growth under his leadership down to ‘luck’ and inheriting a low inflation and sound economy from the Tories and that it had nothing to do with Mr Bean’s Chancellorship. Not that the statement will come as much of a surprise to most people!

Mr Bean under more pressure as senior Minister resigns

Mr Bean seems to be coming under more pressure from within his own party with some saying that ‘concern’ about his leadership was widespread in the Government. Regarded by many as an incompetent Chancellor and an even worse Prime Minister, Mr Bean does of course have the distinct disadvantage of not having been voted in as leader by the electorate, …

Who started the Mr Bean thing?

So, who started the (rather apt) Mr Bean / Gordon Brown references? Some credit the Liberal Democrat Vincent ‘Vince’ Cable as being the man who made the parallel famous on November 28th 2007.