Europa nursery school in Mijas could begin operating in September

The Mijas government team is working on the tender process for the operation of the Europa nursery school in La Cala so that it can begin operating at the start of the new school year in September, just two years after the building was completed. It will have places for 100 children.

Tragedy at nursery school in Málaga

A two year old girl died from choking on Tuesday morning at a nursery school in Málaga. The girl was rushed to the Health Centre but medics were unable to revive her. Inspectors from the Provincial Education Office are investigating the incident.

Nursery school for Puente Don Manuel

Alcaucín Council has announced a project to build a municipal nursery for up to 41 children aged up to three years in Puente Don Manuel. The project, budgeted at €300,000 euros, consists of a 365 square metre building with three classrooms, food preparation room, a multipurpose room, administration room, three covered porches plus a playground of 839 square metres.

Nursery school in Sevilla under investigation

The Public Prosecutor in Sevilla has opened proceedings against a nursery school in Sevilla Este under the child protection laws for only providing one meal per three pupils and also for embezzlement.

Grant for Alozaina for nursery school project

The Education Department of the Junta de Andalucía has approved a grant of €300,000 towards the construction and equipping of the first nursery school in the municipality of Alozaina.