Hello cousin

Barack Obama and Sarah Palin are apparently 10th cousins through a common ancestor, John Smith, a 17th century pastor. Barack Obama is also apparently related to Dick Cheney…Barack Obama and Sarah Palin ‘are distant cousins’…Probably very distant!

Hush hush

‘Obama secretly ends program that let pilots carry guns’. How can it be secret if we all know about it?

It’s how you read them

First headline I saw this morning (on the BBC) was: ‘Economy and war on Obama agenda’. First day in office and he’s already looking to start a war! Others must have thought the same because the headline was changed pretty rapidly.

Music and politics

Boxers use rousing songs to herald their entrance, as do politicians these days, but the presidential hopefuls in America seem to be upsetting a few musicians. The Foo Fighters are the latest band to take exception to one of their tracks being used by Republican candidate John McCain.