The Great Festival of Water and Foam in Nerja

Festival of Water & Foam Nerja

Nerja Youth Councillor Sara Rivas together with Councillor Cristina Fernandez and the President of the Neighbourhood Association José Miguel Ortuño announced the date of this year’s water festival.   This year’s celebration is being called the Great Feast of Water and foam and is claimed to be a great fun filled activity for infants, teens and adults. The party starts …

End of season celebrations for the young footballers

The Municipal Football School held its end of season party at the weekend, with players from all 16 teams attending along with trainers, coaches, family and friends. For the junior team it was time to celebrate their promotion. The event ended, as is now traditional, with everyone enjoying a large paella.

Youth robs house then organises a party at the premises

A 21 year old youth from Coria del Río has been arrested after breaking into an infrequently used property, stealing and selling various articles and then organising a party at the property through one of the social networks.