Someone’s not taking their medication

You couldn’t really make up some of the PC nonsense currently either in operation or being proposed in the UK. The latest revelations relate to the Emergency Services, namely the Police, Fire Brigade and Rescue Service and include some real humdingers.

PC knows no bounds

It may have been around since 1850, but that hasn’t stopped the PC brigade from taking ‘Spotted Dick’ off the menu. Flintshire Council have decided that this traditional English pudding, whose recipe was first mentioned in 1850 by Alexis Soyer in his book ‘The Modern Housewife of Menagere’, is offensive and has been taken off the menu. The mention of …


Half expecting at any moment soon to see Terry Gilliam, megaphone in hand, descend over the UK in a huge balloon and shout, ‘Cut! That’s a wrap’.

What a plonker

Sir David Jason managed to get himself into a spot of trouble in this ever PC-dominated society after making what was considered an ‘inappropriate’ remark during a radio interview. Sir David was appearing on Christian O’Connnell’s Breakfast Show on Absolute Radio when, asked to think of a question for listeners, said:

More PC lunacy

The Middlesex Crusaders cricket team has played, quite happily, under that name for about ten years now, but next year they will be playing as the Middlesex Panthers.

Haven’t they got better things to do?

Tunbridge Wells Council banned the word ‘brainstorming’ on the grounds that they thought it might offend epileptics (which it didn’t) and replaced it with the phrase ‘thought shower’. Now, Chichester Council has decided to remove ‘the man in the street’ from the muncipal language because ‘it is not a fair reflection of reality and makes either the views or work …