Flying penguins

A couple of penguins were allowed to have a wander down the aisle during a flight in the USA after the pilot asked if anyone was allergic to birds.

Cleaned-up penguins go free

Wildlife officials in New Zealand nursed some 343 penguins back to health after they were tarred when a cargo ship ran aground on a reef near Tauranga in early October, covering them in oil. Now the little critters are being set free once more. Penguins

Penguin privacy invaded

Google Street View has now extended to Antarctica with the penguins of Half Moon Island being one of the available images. Most of Google Street View’s images are normally taken from a fleet of adapted cars but the Antarctica photos are, for the moment at least, a combination of Google and user photographs. Hope the penguins have got encryption on …


Penguins always look cute, albeit funny little critters. Here are some photos taken by Linda Drake at Snow Hill Island off the Antarctic Peninsula, courtesy of the Daily Wag and Cleavage…Penguins

Birds of a different feather

Some nice pictures of cute little ducks in a sink…..Ducklings…..after being rescued by a farmer. And some interesting pictures of penguins around a camera….Penguins….although the speculation that they were actually posing in front of the camera may be going a bit too far. One of the penguins looks like he’s got his arm (or wing) around his sibling.