And nobody noticed

A surprise inspection at a prison in Acapulco, Mexico, revealed the presence of 19 prostitutes, 100 plasma televisions, two sacks of marijuana, 100 cockerels for cock fighting and two peacocks. Officers also found six women living in the male section. Back in July, prisoners in a jail in Sonora state were found to be running a lottery to raffle off a …

Is pampering a better idea?

A controversial approach to prisons in Norway appears to be working, resulting in the lowest re-offending rates in Europe. Norway, however, has a low crime rate to start with and a prison population of around 64 per 100,000 inhabitants whereas the USA, for example, has a prison population of around 715 per 100,000 inhabitants. Controversial Prison System.

You know it makes (no) sense

Murders and other serious crimes committed by prisoners released early from jail may have to be “accepted” by the public as part of attempts to keep down the cost of the criminal justice system, the probation watchdog suggested. The story. What next? Putting out fires is becoming too expensive so let’s not bother?

Prisons in Andalucía

There are 14 prisons in the autonomous region of Andalucía and within these institutions, there are currently 3,709 foreigners serving sentences.