29 killed on the roads during the ‘puente’ holiday period

There were twenty-nine deaths in twenty-six fatal accidents on the roads in Spain during the long ‘puente’ holiday, including Constitution Day (Dec 6th) and Immaculate Conception (Dec 8th), from 15:00 on Friday December 2nd to midnight on Thursday December 8th. A further fifteen people were seriously injured.

Weekend road fatalities

Fourteen people died and two others were seriously inured on the roads in Spain over the May Day ‘puente’ weekend from 15:00 on Friday to 20:00 on Monday. There were three fatalities on the roads in Andalucia.

Quiet start to ‘puente’ weekend

A peaceful start to the ‘puente’ weekend on the roads of Spain with no fatal accidents reported during the first five hours. In 2009, August 15th was the worst day of the year for fatal accidents with 18 people losing their lives on the roads.

Hotel occupancy is up

The current good weather has encouraged many tourists, particularly domestic, to head for the beaches during the long, Pilar holiday weekend and hoteliers are reporting that occupancy rates are well above those of last year.

Fun in the sun, forget the crisis

Congested roads, economic crisis….the Spanish are letting none of this stop them from having fun in the sun as they flocked to the beaches of Andalucía for the first day of the ‘puente’ weekend. Find a spot for the towel, splash on the sunscreen and then just relax, play, read and generally enjoy. You can’t beat it.


A lot of traffic is expected on the roads in Andalucía as a result of yet another ‘puente’ weekend, people taking advantage of the long weekend to get away from it all. RENFE is increasing the number of places available on the Málaga and Sevilla to Madrid AVE line by around 14,000, that’s 41 more trains.