Too much rain for the reservoirs

In the past three months, 500 litre per square metre of rain has fallen in Andalucia, the same amount normally recorded in a complete year, and many of the reservoirs are up to, or even over, capacity.

Reservoirs in Jaén draining off water

Eight out of the eleven reservoirs in Jaén province have been releasing large amounts of water following the recent heavy rains. Two reservoirs in Málaga province, Guadalhorce and Guadalteba, have also been draining off water. Some are releasing in excess of 100,000 litres per second.

Jaén dumping water from reservoirs

About a dozen reservoirs and dams in Jaén province have been discharging water during Sunday due to the heavy rains of the past week. Guadalén reservoir has been discharging about 100,000 cubic litres per second that go directly into the río Guadalimar, the main tributary of the rio Guadalquivir as it passes through Jaén province. The levels are being reduced …

Reservoirs at 88% of capacity

The recent rains may have caused substantial damage in many parts of Andalucia, but it has brought the levels in the various reservoirs up to 88% of capacity.

Reservoirs draining off water again

A number of reservoirs in Andalucia have once again been draining off excess water as a security precaution, those doings so on Saturday morning were Tranco, Guadalmena, Giribaile, Guadalén, Fernandina, Jándula, Yeguas, Arenoso, San Rafael de Navallana, Puente Nuevo, Breña, Bembézar, José Torán, Vadomojón, Iznájar, Rumblar, Retortillo, Melonares, Gergal and Agrio.

Reservoirs in healthy state

The reservoirs in Andalucia are apparently in a healthy state, particularly for the time of year, standing at an overall 78.5% of capacity. This is 42% more than at the same time last year.

More evacuations due to flooding

The rio Guadilquivir continues to rise and around 400 people have had to be evacuated from their homes due to the threat of flooding.

Floodgates opened in several reservoirs

Yesterday marked the first time for a decade that it became necessary to dump water from the reservoirs in Málaga province, with seven dams simultaneously opening the floodgates.

Enough water

The Ministry of Environment reports that the reservoirs in Andalucía are in a healthy state and there will be no problems with supply during the summer.