Electricity to go up on January 1st 2014

The price of electricity is set to go up again on January 1st 2014, the increase being at least 2%. The Government ‘share’ of the increase is 2%, the remainder depends upon the outcome of the regular electricity auction next week where the price is expected to rise. It is only a fortnight since the Government announced that there would be …

Electricity price to rise again in October

The former TUR (Tariff of Last Resort), now renamed the Voluntary Price for Small Consumers (PVPC), looks set to rise by 3.1% as from October 1st 2013.

Rise in unemployment in Ronda

Unemployment in Ronda rose by 113 in November, bringing the official total jobless figure to 4,441. Of these, 2,374 are men and 2,067 are women.

Unemployment rises again in Andalucia

Unemployment in Andalucia rose by 25,500 during the third quarter to reach a total of 1,129,500 people out of work, which is 28.55% of the workforce.

Unemployment up by 1.2% in September

Unemployment in Spain rose by 1.2% in September, another 48,102 people joining the ranks of those without work. This puts the total number of unemployed at 4,017,763.