Council begins cleaning the riverbeds

The Council has started cleaning up the riverbed both on the stretch belonging to the municipality, from the mouth to the Puente Nuevo, and the area belonging to the Junta de Andalucia, from Puente Nuevo to the quarry.


Not all of the cars affected by the recent fire have been moved from the area down by the riverbed, this one a reminder…along with the scorch marks still visible all over the plot. This one had been long abandoned I believe. The riverbed area is a popular place for abandoning vehicles and the long, drawn-out administrative procedures mean they …

Six cars burned in riverbed parking area

Police are investigating the burning on Monday morning of six cars in the parking area down by the rio Chillar riverbed off calle Puente Viejo. Local residents alerted the authorities to the fire at 00:30 on Monday morning but firemen were unable to prevent the total destruction of five vehicles. The sixth vehicle was badly damaged.

Skeleton found in riverbed in Alcaucín

On Thursday evening at around 18:30, workmen cleaning the riverbed in Alcaucín discovered a half buried corpse in the middle of the channel, only a hand and leg visible.

Rio Chillar clean-up has been postponed

The Councillor for the Environment, José Miguel Jimena, and the the president of Casa Argentina, Oscar Sánchez, have decided to postpone the cleaning of the Rio Chillar riverbed planned for Sunday.