Keeping it in the family

Ana Botin has been appointed the new chairwoman of the Spanish banking giant Santander, following the death on Tuesday night of her father, Emilio Botin.

Santander to absorb Banesto and Banif

Santander has announced that it is absorbing its subsidiary banks Banesto and Banif in a merger that will be completed next year, an action it says will result in savings of €520 million. It will also mean the closure of around 700 branches.

When is a contract not a contract?

Best answer seems to be, ‘when it is with a bank and favours the customer’. Around 230,000 small business customers in the UK will be affected by Santander’s U-turn relating to accounts originally advertised as ‘free forever’. Small business customers are being told their accounts will now cost between £7.50 and £40 a month, with extra charges levied for paying …

Santander removes last equestrian statue of Franco

The town of Santander, ruled by the Partido Popular, has removed the last existing equestrian statue of the former dictator, General Francisco Franco. The statue was installed in 1964 and in 2004, the decision was made to remove it. Things move quickly. One statue of Franco, without horse, still remains and although the Council has agreed to its removal, no …