Savings without job losses

The government will save at least €37.7 billion (4% of GDP) over the next three years under its restructuring of public administrations, and this will be achieved without job losses, according to Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría.

Ronda trying to cut electricity costs

Ronda Council has commissioned a study aimed at reducing the municipal electricity bill, currently around €900,000 per year. The aim is to reduce this by €400,000 as well as improve and modernise lighting in the city.

Attempt to avoid salary cuts for civil servants

The president of the Junta de Andalucia, José Antonio Griñán, is due to meet with the new leader of the PP-A, Juan Ignacio Zoido, to discuss a proposal by Zoido to save €500 million and avoid having to reduce the salaries of officials.

Torrox Council planning to save on rent costs

Torrox Town Council is working on a number of measures designed to save a hundred thousand euros a year in rent. The mayor, Francisco Muñoz (PSOE), announced that the Council is planning to relocate some services, such as Planning, and to recover the former headquarters of the courts.

Council proposes using salary cut savings for social programmes

The Council, apparently in good financial health, is studying ways of using the savings resulting from the implementation of the salary cuts approved by the Zapatero government to fund social programmes and generally help the less well-off in the municipality rather that use it to pay off loans or debts.