Squirrels and nuts

Some very good photos of a squirrel who managed to get into and, eventually, out of what is (obviously erroneously) described as a rodent-proof bird feeder. In Search of Nuts

Saved by a squaddie

Lovely pictures, and story, about a baby squirrel rescued by a soldier. One interesting quote, though: I fed him with baby food and milk through a syringe every four hours. Then his teeth came out and he started eating himself. Squirrel Rescue

Patience is a virtue

Squirrels can be very patient and invariably work out a solution to a problem, especially when it comes to food or drink. Squirrel

Rodent goes global

Inevitable really, the cute little rodent who stole the show has gone global, appearing in all sorts of pictures thanks to a bit of trickery here and there….Pictures…