Granada removes ‘offensive’ statue

Granada Council has removed the statue dedicated to José Antonio Primo de Rivera from plaza de Bibataubín, complying with a ruling by the Superior Court of Justice of Andaluca (TSJA) from last April.

Monument to the Catholic Monarchs

In addition to the conversion of the old Town Hall into the Hotel Con Encanto, the square in front of the building is to be renovated at a cost of €80,000 and will be the site of a monument to the Catholic Monarchs.

New statue for Fuengirola

A one metre tall statue of Isabella and Ferdinand will soon be adorning the plaza del antiguo Ayuntamiento, a commemoration of the fall of Fuengirola castle to the Christian forces on August 7th 1485.

Statue goes walkabout

In the early hours of Sunday morning, a Local Police patrol in Plaza de la Merced, Málaga, were surprised to find that the seat normally housing the bronze statue of Pablo Ruiz Picasso was empty.

Vandalism in Plaza de Andalucia

Vandals have defaced the statue of Blas Infante in Plaza de Andalucia, removing the gold-coloured spectacles and covering the plinth with graffiti.

New statue please

The Councillor for the Environment, José Miguel Jimena, has filed a motion requesting the commissioning of a new statue for the picnic area El Pinarillo. The previous statue, of an Ibex, was stolen last year.

Santander removes last equestrian statue of Franco

The town of Santander, ruled by the Partido Popular, has removed the last existing equestrian statue of the former dictator, General Francisco Franco. The statue was installed in 1964 and in 2004, the decision was made to remove it. Things move quickly. One statue of Franco, without horse, still remains and although the Council has agreed to its removal, no …