Another conviction for the Mayor of Tolox

The mayor of Tolox, Juan Vera, who has more than twenty cases under appeal or pending trial, has been sentenced to 15 months in jail and disqualified from public office for ten years for urban planning violations.

Another mayor in the dock

The Mayor of Tolox, Juan Vera (Convergencia Andaluza), is in court in Málaga this week to face fourteen trials relating to the alleged granting of building permits for housing construction on undeveloped land.

Tolox underground car park could be ready by the summer

The new underground car park in Tolox is expected to be operational in the summer. The car park, located between Plaza Alta and calle Chorruelo, will have two floors with a capacity for 100 vehicles, pedestrian access via stairs and elevators and is costing €267,132 to build.

Mayor of Tolox in trouble

The Public Prosecutor is accusing the mayor of Tolox, Juan Vera, of 23 counts of crimes against urban planning relating to the granting of illegal building licenses. It is alleged that the mayor issued licenses for the construction of 2,000 houses during the period 2004 to 2006 whilst aware that the land was not available for development. The cases are …