Court chooses not to believe defendant

A man caught with a prostitute in his car told police she was only there to show him where to buy tomatoes. Police officers found the woman sitting inside Muhammad Ikhlaq’s car while he withdrew £20 from a cash machine, which he said was to pay for tomatoes.

Tomatoes on the EU menu

Agriculture ministers of the EU are meeting today, Wednesday, to discuss the Moroccan tomato situation. Spain is asking for improved controls to prevent Moroccan tomatoes reaching the EU market at prices below those stipulated in the trade agreement.

Sounds like a bargain…

Two kilos of ecological tomatoes for €1 at Iranzo in calle Granada. Sounds like a bargain.

Farmers protest in Granada

The Farmer’s Union UPA yesterday handed out 4,000 kilos of tomatoes outside a large supermarket in Granada as a protest against the low prices being set by retail outlets, a policy the farmers describe as ‘abusive’.

Health alert relating to stolen tomatoes

The Ministry of Health has issued a warning concerning tomatoes stolen from a farm in Dos Hermanas, Sevilla, which had been treated with insecticide.