Increase in electric bills as from Monday July 1st

The electricity Tariff of Last Resort (TUR), used by some 22 million people in Spain, will increase on average by 1.2% as from tomorrow, Monday July 1st. The cost of electricity has risen by 60% in the past five years.

Electricity prices go up tomorrow

The electricity tariff of last resort (TUR), used by about 20 million households, will rise on average by 1.5% as from tomorrow, July 1st, adding around 0.50 euros a month to the bill of the average consumer.

Up go gas prices

As from today, the cost of natural gas and the price of a bottle of butane gas goes up as part of the quarterly review. Electricity prices remain unchanged.

TUR electricity price to rise as from January 1st

The electricity tariff TUR (Tariff of last resort), the only one set by the government and affecting 22.7 million homes and small businesses, is set to rise by 2.64% as from January 1st 2010. This will mean an increase in the monthly bill of the average user (consuming 293 kilowatts per year) of around €0.89.