Nobel Peace Prize nomination for WikiLeaks

A member of the Norwegian Parliament, Snorre Valen, has apparently nominated WikiLeaks for the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize. Snorre Valen, a member of the Socialist Left party, believes that WikiLeaks has contributed to the global struggle for human rights, democracy and freedom of speech by exposing, among many other things, corruption, war crimes and torture.

The leaking continues

The WikiLeaks revelations continue to flow, numerous governments being embarrassed almost on a daily basis as people begin to find out just how much they have been lied to by their so-called leaders and the underhand methods used to achieve political objectives.

Hero or villain?

WikiLeaks continues to dominate much of the news as new documents and cables are made public, causing embarrassment to some, amusement to others. And how attitudes have changed: Information has never been so free. Even in authoritarian countries, information networks are helping people discover new facts and making governments more accountable…Hillary Clinton, January 2010

WikiLeaks WMD

From the cables so far published by WikiLeaks, there seems to be little, if anything, that could possibly be classified as a ‘surprise’ to anyone even if their reading matter consisted entirely of the Sheep and Goat Gazette (and yes, it does exist). That Putin is the real power in Russia – stunning piece of information. Saudi Arabia doesn’t like …

How to lose friends and alienate people

Ahead of a new series of revelations on the website WikLeaks, the USA has been busy forewarning a number of countries, including the UK, Denmark, Australia, Israel and Canada, about the content of these revelations, saying that is going to create tension in relationships between American diplomats and its friends around the world. Sounds like they don’t know the meaning …

Latest leaks

The Wikileaks Iraq war logs provide a unique picture of every death in Iraq. These events have been mapped using Google Fusion tables Wikileaks Iraq war logs: every death mapped

Enforced transparency

It is usually a long, long time before, or even if, some official documents are released to the public, generally confirming what we all suspected, that the authorities were less than honest about a particular situation or event. Leaks of public documents, either in the public interest or for political or personal gain, are becoming more commonplace. And now there …