Alerts for snow and high winds

The provinces of Granada, Almeria and Jaén are on high alert for snow and strong winds and the coastal areas of Málaga province are on alert for heavy winds, up to 70 kph in some cases.

Blowing in the wind…

Definitely wouldn’t have wanted to be on any of these flying machines arriving in Bilbao! Kudos to the pilots. Planes battle strong winds to land in Bilbao

Rain expected in much of Andalucia

Heavy rain, up to 40 litres per square metre, are being forecast today in Huelva, Sevilla, Cádiz and Córdoba, as well as in Ronda  (Málaga province) and the Jaén districts of Capital y Montes, Cazorla and  Segura. High winds are also being predicted.

Strong winds close Sierra Nevada ski resort

After a great start to the long ‘puente’ weekend, the Sierra Nevada ski resort was forced to close the ski slopes on Monday due to strong gusting winds up to 120 kph.

Windy day

The State Meteorological Office (AEMET) is forecasting gusting winds up to 100 kph in Granada and Almeria provinces throughout today, Thursday.

Bits and bobs in the wind…

Bar Martín, on the corner of calle San Miguel and calle Granada, is in the process of renovation. Always a popular cafeteria/bar. And well, well, well…. It looks like Freddy and Marianne (La Peña) could be back together again. The estate agent with the unfortunate name, Nerjacon, is on the move again, or giving up. They started out in the …