XXIX Milla Urbana de Navidad results

The winners of the XXIX Milla Urbana de Navidad “Memorial Miguel Prados Ruiz”, which was held on Saturday afternoon, were Álvaro Fernández and Eugenia Galán, both members of the Nerja Athletics Club.

Photo Contest results

The First Nerja Photo Competition, organised by the Nerja Photography Club, was won by David Arenas Ruiz with a photo entitled ‘Patio’.

Day of the Cross competition winners

The cross presented by the residents of La Maquinilla was awarded the first prize in the Day of the Cross competition. In second place was the cross in calle Pintada and in third was the cross in the Oliva passageway, also on calle Pintada.

Day of the Cross winners

The winner of the Day of the Cross competition was the cross of La Maquinilla. In second place was calle Pintada and in third place the cross of the Coro del Cautivo. The best ‘arropia’ (cake made from honey, flour and spices) was made by the Asociación de Mujeres Fuente del Badén in the Barriada de los Poetas, followed by the Centro …

Winners of photo competition

The Department of Equality has presented the prizes for the recent photographic competition. First prize went to Lola Quintana Rodríguez for “Cerca de la Meta”, second prize to Sergio Reyes Pérez for “Trabajo Duro” and third prize to Graig Pyatt for “Hockey a la Igualdad” .

Short Story Competition winners

Plácido Iranzo, with ‘Y un Dia’, has won first prize in the Short Story Competition organized by the association Adventure Writing. Lucía Muñoz, with ‘Tránsito’ was second and Guadalupe Ramirez was third with ‘Valla con Dios’.

Short story competition

The tenth edition of the Short Story competition with the theme ‘Children’s Story’ is over and the prize winners are:

Lucky winners

Thursday’s ONCE draw saw ten winning tickets in Nerja with total prize money of €350,000. The vendor of the winning tickets was Mari Nieves Pérez at her kiosk on the corner of calle Antonio Millón and avenida Castilla Pérez.