TripAdvisor Reviewers vote in favour of visiting Nerja

According to a recent study by tripAdvisor, a popular website that currently offers more than 830,000 vacation rental properties worldwide, reservations in Spain have increased by 27% during the spring compared to the winter season. Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Palma de Mallorca and Malaga are ranked as the most popular tourist locations within Spain. Also in the rankings are several locations with less than 100,000 inhabitants, among which are Nerja, Playa Blanca, Benalmádena, Tías and Benidorm. The Councilor for Nerja Tourism, Patricia Gutiérrez, expressed her satisfaction that Nerja was one of the most prominent tourist spots voted for. Nerja council says that they will work hard at raising the bar and set strategies in motion to attract new visitors to the area. "It is an honor that Nerja is among the ten most popular destinations to travel to during spring. This is a result of the joint work of the City Council and Nerja businessmen, whom I thank for their effort and dedication to help place Nerja as a tourist destination of quality, "declared Nerja's mayor. The 15 most popular destinations according to this study are as follows : 1 - Barcelona 2 - Madrid 3 - Sevilla 4 - Palma de Mallorca 5 - Málaga 6 - Valencia 7 - Granada 8 - Playa Blanca 9 - Benalmádena 10 - Nerja 11 - Tías 12 - Benidorm 13 - Corralejo 14 - Córdoba 15 - Pollença

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