New 4G Comes to Nerja, Bringing Faster Mobile Connection and Better Coverage

4G mobile services will use the 800 MHz frequency used by digital terrestrial television (DTT), so TV signals may be affected by interference; this does not affect people receiving television signal via cable/fibre optic, satellite or internet however. This process of implementing these new services is being carried out gradually all over the country. To check the locations where these services are already active, you can use the following web page: Llega800 is the management company that will be responsible for resolving any impacts on the DTT reception caused by the 4G technology to ensure the continuity of the TV service. In addition, it will send to residents in the most affected areas a communication informing them that they will be able to request a free adaptation to the antenna in their building so as to avoid possible incidents.  To arrange these services, a free phone number (900 833 999) and a website  have been made available to residents. Overall 4G will be gladly received in Nerja as high-speed mobile internet is not readily available in app locations locally.

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