Boy had to be rescued at Nerja’s River Chillar

The affected teenager, who was travelling with his mother, suffered a fall while making the famous trekking route along the river Chillar. The Emergency Coordination Centre immediately mobilized firefighters and others to assist the rescue, including the local Police. The injured person, of Swiss nationality, was transferred by ambulance to a hospital with a possible fracture of the fibula bone in the lower leg.

Although some of the walks along the river bed can be quite treacherous including along narrow pathways at times, the beautiful River Chillar forms an attractive pool that is called Polo de los Patos, where it is thought the boy and his mother were heading. This natural pool has clean refreshing waters and is a popular spot for bathing. The river also forms a natural waterfall which is a beautiful attraction for walkers and those trekking, however authorities have in the past tried to dissuade walkers from this path due to major safety concerns.

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