Calle San Pedro 12
29780 Nerja
Phone: 95 252 36 87

Chispa Chispa, Nerja, tapa

This typically Spanish tapas bar ranks very highly amongst foreign residents in Nerja, and quite rightly so. Fish and seafood of every size and shape are on offer, as well as meat dishes. Very busy at lunchtimes, a great place to stop and have a snack.

The tapas are included in the price of beer and wine.

Chispa, Nerja

  1. John Montgomery says:

    Like it. We are in there a lot when on holiday (in fact most days either afternoon or evening (or both)) apart from the day they are closed. Friendly family who acknowledge you outside the bar.

    • A must visit, alway busy, great atmosphere! Owners/staff very friendly. Meals here are really good as well, and great value.

  2. Had a refurbishment, does bnot feel spanish any more, same people great tapas & choice of drinks we will be back

  3. Hayley Kim says:

    loved it. we spent our most daytime in this casual, not so comfortable but delightful bar.

  4. says:

    Had a great time here recently with my family, great food and always worth a visit, great selection of fresh fish, full of local and mucho futbol, venga, venga !!!

  5. John says:

    We always just get a tapas with the first drink, and nothing with any following drinks. Is this the usual practice in Chispa?

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