Dal Toscano
Calle Pintada
29780 Nerja
Tel: (0034) 95 252 74 16

Dal Toscano, Nerja

Dal Toscano reopened in mid 2014 in new premises in calle Pintada.

  1. Leonard Hynes says:

    If you enjoy good Italian food Dal Toscana is not to be missed out on. Charming service. Would recommend you book in advance.

  2. I agree with the above; the food is delicious, and a bit different to the usual Italian fare. The food’s so well-presented, I ftook a picture of my meal! I’ve only eaten at Dal Toscano once, late in my holiday last year, but will definitely be back this year. Highly recommended.

  3. just back from Nerja, this had been recommended by a friend and we were not disappointed. Good food. good service, nice off the beaten track location. Very busy the night we went, quite a few ‘reserved’ seats already when we arrived.

  4. Nigel says:

    This isn’t just a pizza restaurant – try the wonderful steaks too. The starters are also delicious – goats cheese, roasted pepper and rocket salad was to die for…..

  5. repurban says:

    We have eaten here a several times this year. First time we were just walking by but I had to stop outside the restaurant when I felt the scent of porcini comming out from the kitchen. This is my favorite mushroom and I could not resist the smell so we had get inside for dinner. We have not regret it yet and must recommend this restaurant for the excellent cooking and good service. Price is low related to quality. Try any of the starters, the antipasti mix is highly recommended. The only disappointment is the lamb shank, not as good as in other places.

  6. The new premises are very pleasant and the food is still excellent – the staff are also still very welcoming and efficient. An excellent place for a slightly more formal evening, without being stuffy, or ludicrously expensive like some on the other side of Calle Pintada. Only one negative – they have stopped cooking pizzas.

  7. Monica says:

    Had an excellent pasta last summer, and ever since we talked about going back. Did so in march 2015 and were disappointed. Had the same dish, it did not taste as good. Overcooked pasta, which a real Italian restaurant would never serve. Do they have a new chef? The dish also contained sausage and mushrooms, and we both felt a little bit sick afterwards, and it felt like the sausage was to blame.
    The red house wine is very good though, but if you order just one glass you get a very small amount.
    Sad to say, this was our last visit.

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