El Barrio
Calle el Barrio
29780 Nerja

El Barrio, Nerja El Barrio, Nerja

El Barrio is a new cafe/bar which only opened in January 2009 and is, as the name suggests, located on calle El Barrio, midway between Plaza Cavana and avenida Castilla Perez.

It is a fairly small bar, but they have made great use of the available space and, as the bar is set back from the road, there is a terrace with five tables.

Some lovely tapas, great place to stop off for a break when you’re wandering around.

El Barrio, Nerja

El Barrio, Nerja El Barrio, Nerja

  1. Tom Riley says:

    This was a real discovery on my last visit. Great for breakfast and very reasonably priced. Good tapas as well.

  2. We go to this bar nearly every day, the service is the best and so is the food

  3. Frank Fitzsimons says:

    We visited this bar/restaurant nearly every day. It is first class for value, service and food. Great for drinks and breakfast, too.

  4. Jaime Y Dympna says:

    Hola Mi Amigos, Looking forward to seeing you all 9th Diciembre,as we return to stay to Mayo,
    Hasta Luego,Jaime

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